Friday, June 22, 2018

LOTRO Logging...

Well, since it was all updated and ready to go, I did a few quests with my Burglar in the Lonelands.  I like the Burglar character who can handle herself well.  For me, this means no long fights, no deaths.

The Lonelands is one of my favorite areas, I love the quests, the story, the music.

The new character models are great on the Elves and Hobbits, but the humans are all bug-eyed and look like they're being goosed.

Here's my Minstrel, looking nothing like her former self.   How did she get that red/brown hair?  It was always blond.   Weird.

Luckily  she was in Bree so I sent her to the barbershop.  Now she looks good.  No Pop-Eyes.  She looks like a woman with a tale to tell.

I sent all my humans to Bree's barbershop.   Much better. 

One, a new Warden, is still in the beginner area, so I'll need to work her way though.  I haven't played a Warden since they were introduced, so the class is a challenge.  I no longer understand the Gambits at all, but I'll research them, and get her out of the starter area and off to Bree.   She also has the zombie thing going.


  1. I just started playing LOTRO again! It has been fun =) Honestly, I have never been past level 18 (my Burglar) but started fresh with a new character (Warden) to understand the new player experience. That Burglar was my first character that I levelled, at launch(!)

  2. Ha! Fixed! I’ve a 110 Rogue on Wow and oops! All the sneaks are Rogues to me. Thanks for the subtle reminder.


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