Saturday, January 13, 2018

World Of Warcraft 2018 Goals

In a game where you can have 50 characters, it's hard to narrow down what might be worked on in a given year.

Currently, I'm backtracking to get all the Loremaster Achievements I don't have.  Whoo hoo, Un' Goro Crater.   I dislike the intense green of the place.  The dinosaurs are cool.  It's a big bowl and it gets claustrophobic in short order.   I looked through characters I thought had done much of it, but nobody really had much.

I changed all of my Frost Mages to Fire after getting one to level 40 on a newer one.   My current favorite is my 108 (?) now Fire Mage.   I still wish she had some built in heal, but she's doing incredibly better than she did as a Frost Mage.

Random Notes for Overall Goals:

The game itself should break the silence barrier between Horde and Alliance.  Hate it.


  1. I'm not so sure you want "talk to the Horde". In my experience, if you put that in a BG you'd just read "come at me bro!" or "You just got pwned!" a lot. (Happens on both sides.) ;-)

    Good luck on the tradeskills one. In my experience, that's a very dedicated achievement.

    1. I’ve never liked the fact that you can’t just talk to the other faction. They’re just people in Halloween costumes ;)
      There are tons of places where you could work cooperatively, or you could just say hi.
      I don’t do battlegrounds. In shooters and all those kinds of games, can you talk to your opponents? If someone’s a fool, an ignore or silence feature would take care of any smack talk. One day while I was thinking about this, I thought putting all Alliance/Horde talk through a Shakespearean filter would be useful.

    2. Honestly, I don't know if you can talk to the other side in a shooter. I do know that you can't in the Nintendo version of a shooter, Splatoon/Splatoon 2, so likely not.

  2. The trade skills can be raised via Darkmoon, and only in Legion did they make it hard and unpleasant to advance your skills. Maybe they’ll give up that torture in the next expansion.

    1. Ah, that's right, they changed that around Mists. Used to be a big slog, especially once you get into the upper Vanilla tradeskills levels that might require trips to Dire Maul and whatnot.

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