Friday, November 17, 2017

Wow 13th Anniversary The Originals

The hardest part was getting overland or by portal to the Bosses, well, except that last guy was nas-tee.

Lord Kazzak



Died FOUR times.  Credit for the kill though waiting for my last death to count down to rez.


  1. I don't know if they still do this, but the world bosses used to put a debuff on you if you died making it much easier for you to die the next time around. This was Blizzard's way of preventing graveyard Zerging. When my lower level characters died I just stayed dead until the boss died to make sure I got credit.

    Oh, the quest is a daily so you can pick up some timewalking badges. Handy if you are trying to get an item or mount from the various events.

    1. I really want the Wrath Timewalking mount, so I’ll go back and try again. I used my Druid, and would like to try a ranged character. The first two did a lot of stuns and knock backs. That last guy though, I’d get a hit or two in, then gravewalking for me. I wasn’t the only one. He was in Horde territory and the group was smaller than the others too. He’s apparently got a rebuff that encapsulates you in ice (?) at death and makes your death last longer? That’s not what happened to me, cone of shame, I just got killed fast.

    2. So many tanks keep spinning the boss it is hard to stay near the front of the hind legs on the dragons. It's so easy to get tailswiped away and dropped right into a stun circle. (The moving ones are a new thing, which is quite annoying for melee. -.-)


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