Saturday, November 4, 2017

Blizzcon Reveals, Initial Thoughts

I bought my first ever virtual tickets this year and was unable to watch yesterday at all, and today doesn't look good either.  At least I can still see them and catch up.

Battle For Azeroth Expansion    My first thought was "well that's the most boring expansion idea ever."  I never played Warcraft 3 or any of the previous Warcraft games, but it seems as if they may be trying to bring elements of the RTS games to WOW, which may be interesting if they pull it off. I'll wait and see how it plays out.

Classic Servers!!!!  There's the glorious reveal.  I never played a single moment of Vanilla WOW, so I don't have any expectations that it has to be some particular variant, I'm just really excited to see what earlier incarnations were like.  I've never seen Thousand Needles when it wasn't underwater.  I'd loved to see Auberdine restored.  It still makes me sad whenever I send a character through the area.

Auto-scaling everywhere.   I thought Auto-scaling would be a good thing, but in truth, I feel like I'm treading water and never getting anywhere in Legion.  I like getting new skills as I level.  Gawd, don't let there be some Artifact Weapon equivalent so you don't get to level up yourself (that's how it feels) but your boring weapon gets all the goodies.

PVP Servers gone, except now they're everywhere.  I put my characters on non-PVP servers so they don't have to be vulnerable to some nitwit with bullying issues.  I hate as it is that you can be flagged PVP under certain conditions.  In my mind, the only pvp that should occur on a non-pvp server is in instanced battlegrounds, or instanced anything not part of the general world.  If this change removes the chance of being accidentally or otherwise flagged pvp, then fine.

Those are the biggies.  More after I get a chance to watch the panels.

Side note:  I actually liked Anduin Wrynn in one of the cinematics for the first time since Pandaria when he was a selfish, thoughtless boy endangering his own people as they tried to find and "save" him.  Mass rez!


  1. I never played Vanilla WoW either so I'm looking forward to Classic, although not too keenly because I think it'll be a long wait.

    The PvP thing is odd. I like PvP so it doesn't bother me form that perspective but it seems a peculiar choice because lots of people really, really don't like PvP. Rift has a similar flagging system, though, and it works very smoothly there. Blizzard's version, requiring you to go to a city to set the flag, looks even safer. Still, seems like an odd choice.

    1. I'm thinking they wouldn't have announced the Classic servers till they were relatively close to making them work. They're not a company that announces things a year in advance, they'll be much closer to the event if they say they're adding it in, and they've been really good in this last year about getting content out.
      Regarding PVP, I've seen many people unhappy with their lives on PVP servers, and the comment is always get off the server or create a toon elsewhere. There's also the problem since the cross realms moves of many servers being imbalanced as either Horde or Alliance, so even if you like PvP, you're miserable on those servers. I'll need to see the details of how this will work, and of course, they always change how they do things after feedback and testing.

    2. It think going to to a major city to set your flag has more to do with their server technology. Most zones are cross-realm combinations and thus aren't technically part of any specific server. Instead of a Swtor-style instance teleport possibly ending up in an ugly situation during the loading screen they are making sure you go out in the world ready to PvP.

    3. That makes good sense, Pallais, how else could it work? It’s going to be a strange strange world. Like Goldshire everywhere.

    4. @Atherne The nice thing for PvEers is that they won't have to worry about dealing with that guy who is flagged. True, Blizzard did make it better in that you can't accidentally flag yourself for PvP for using an AoE when a flagged player is around. At least you don't have to worry about their other antics.

      The downside for a certain type of PvPer is that they can't troll PvEers with their flag. That said, the purist PvPers will be happy as everyone they see will have made a conscious choice to do open world PvP.

      One thing I do wonder how they are going to handle is the Free For All (ie, able to attack your own faction) world quests. Will you need to flag for PvP or can you still do them on the PvE side.

      (And, oof, that horrible first sentence of mine in my prior post. I'm bad, I need an edit function. ^_^)

    5. Pallais, I don't understand in what circumstance you'd want to be able to attack your own faction. In some of the King of the Hill type situations? What will it look like having people battling each other everywhere? It's sort of boggling.

    6. WoW has some King of the Hill areas, Gurubashi Arena in Stranglethorn, the Cage in the Darkmoon Faire, plus a few World Quest areas.

      For the world quests, kill NPCs or players to fill up your progress bar, it all counts the same. For the world quests on PvE server people often avoid attacking each other just so they can get their quest done faster. Of course, so splash damage happens, but as long as you aren't directly attacking a person everyone just keeps moving.

  2. Given that I started WoW during Wrath, I got to see a lot of the original quests and zones before Cataclysm destroyed them all. That being said, I realize that it's going to be a completely different experience from the Wrath era; quirky works, but it's likely also to be grindier than what I'm used to.

    But I'm excited.

    1. I did play before Cataclysm, and since I'm always sending new characters through the lower areas I see lots of quest changes. I think the area that sticks out for me is the Eastern Plaguelands. I have a character in Desolace right now, and they must have made changes because the area doesn't seem so bad as it did the first time around. Desolace and Thousand Needles, boy those were rough when I went through them quite awhile ago. And the Hinterlands, argh.


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