Sunday, July 9, 2017

PlayNotes: Sunday Mixed


I've been out of town this weekend so no playtime till now.  Rift is Sunday's game.
You'll recall I had two staircases to try and I went for the down one, had two problematic npcs attack, though I found out tonight it is just the second guy on the lower steps who is a problem.

Figure A Guys on the Steps

Hard for you to see, but they're there.  I decided to take them head on (note going up the other stairs was a dead end platform), just fight the fight.

First guy goes down easy.

Second guy seems to have disappeared.

Down the stairs, there he is at the bottom.  Target him, NO Target.

Go all the way down to make sure the line of sight is fine, he's inside the steps.

He can hit me, I can't touch him.

I run around the corner to check out the room and what other exit there may be.

He follows, but he's in the wall.  Needer, needer, he says.

I do spot the next doorway but there's another guy standing there and I'm almost dead.  Then Dead.

Soul Walk, come back right in front of Mr Frisky, run back up the stairs to the starting area.  He doesn't follow.

Not in the mood right now, but next time in, I'll have to lure him way upstairs as I somehow did last time and kill him off so I can advance.  Tricky.  This is all odd, I've never had trouble of any sort in Rift before.

Everquest 2 Fallen Gate

Made level 10 Friday night so I can get my Punt-Yo-Self Mount.  

I can't stand the Frostfang Sea area, so I ran to New Halas, through the Spidey Cave, to the travel bell, and voila, Qeynos and my own snuggly apartment.  I'm going to enjoy playing much more now that there isn't ice and snow and whipping chill winds everywhere.  How I do love sunshine.

Everquest 2 Antonia Bayle

I would like to join the Massively casual guild there, but the person's mailbox is full, so waiting on that tender moment when my mail goes through.

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