Wednesday, July 12, 2017

PlayNotes: Elder Scrolls Online

I spent quite a bit of time last night in ESO, but didn't write it up.  It's on my mind though.

Things began with a quest called Pickpocket the Ode to Ethrandora.   Once again I had to play the sneak thief.  Slinking up behind a busy wizardess, I attempted to pluck a note from her pocket.  There was some flashing of numbers, then she was shouting at me.   In giant letters on the screen it was announced there's a bounty on me and any guard will take me down.  Eek!

I checked how much gold I had, ran outside and gave myself up to the first guard I saw.   Whew!  9 Gold and I'm Ms Perfect again. 

I did manage to pick the note on the next try.  Apparently you have to watch for your chance to be at least 75%

While looking for the next part of the quest chain, I wandered into a quest giver outside the Matus-Akin Egg Mine.   I think I was in there for an hour or more, trying to accomplish the quests.   It seemed as if it were in the middle of nowhere, but there were plenty of people to casually run with.  

I was hitting things other people were fighting then tossing up heals, so I thought it worked great.   Others would help me if they were going by.  There was not any, "oh you're killing my mob" feeling to it, it had a nice "we're all in this together, thanks for the help" aspect.

I leveled up, got a Skyshard, loaded my inventory...

Once done, I thought dang I need to empty my inventory, but I'm so close to the quest location for the Friend In Need quest which would give me a snuggly inn room of my own.

Wouldn't you know, the place is another Delve.

I really like them, but no way I can go in without selling some stuff off.   I'll have to backtrack.

Before I wrote this I wanted to look up Delves, a very faerie world sort of name.   I didn't get the answers I want, because I'm not clear what the difference is between a Delve and a Public Dungeon in ESO, even after reading several things.   Trials I get, because I ran across one and it said large groups only, don't enter.

I did like reading that there is a Skyshard and Lorebook in each (oddly this particular character hasn't found a single Lorebook, and I didn't think to look for one here).   

Oops, I didn't realize these don't scale to your level, so here I am running in there like a yahoo, shooting at everything I see.   I should be careful.


Notice I got my bear after being in the mine as well.  Yay for my bear.   While he doesn't seem to do much damage, he kept things from attacking me, which was all the extra bit I needed.

He isn't all cute and bear fuzzy as I'd like, he seems in fact a bit plastic-y.  Still, he's my buddy, my buddy to stay until he's peeled up and sailed away  (old Garfield reference).


  1. Public dungeon vs delve: Delves are designed around the single player and rather small. You can run through a delve in a couple of minutes if you want to do so. (At least that's the theory... when my girl is along things change, as she follows the "loot everything" philosophy. ) Next to that, they -usually- contain very little actual story, or rather, ausually re based on the story of the zone.

    Public dungeons are significally bigger. Many of the bosses can be defeated by a single player, but they always also have a group challenge. That challenge (which usually is started by doing something, often killing all mobs in the room or so on) is noticeably harder, but also grants one skillpoint as a reward. Also, most dungeons have a story of their own. They usually are thematically connected to the zone the dungeon is in, but the story inside the dungeon is self-contained.

    And on difficulty of dungeon bosses: While i don't play a Warden, i would guess that a competent warden player can solo all of these bosses. (I know that at my Templar i up to now was able to defeat all these bosses which i attempted to do solo, but some took quiet a while and several attempts. ) Having some people along makes the group challenges much more manageable.

    On mobs scaling to your level: they never do. If you doubt this, just ponder: what would happen it two players, one of level 5 and one of level 50, would be in the same zone? Would all mobs be level 5? Or level 50? Actually the mechanic goes the other way, every player and his gear are scaled to champion level 160. Also note that the scaling is based on your characters level, so if your gear is of lower level, it looses effectivity.

    Aside from this technical detail: yes, the scaling is not applied in trials and veteran dungeons. In normal difficulty dungeons, at elast as far as i would've noticed, scaling is done. (I haven't spent much time in group dungeons yet, but when i was there, i think scaling was done. )

    And last not least on the absence of taging and killing mobs: it's something most new MMOs since over 5 years do, and all of them profit a lot from it. It really helps the community. ESO at the start still had a tag system and some other bad systems. (It's not without reason that my girl and me rejected the game at launch. ) But the developers did a lot of improvements, especially in the "one Tamriel" update. That turned the ship around and the game is constantly getting better since then.

    1. Well, this and the upcoming Pulk both say Delve on the doors, and random people seem to be all over, few grouped, but often working together in moments.
      I like your gf's loot philosophy! If they didn't want me to have it, it wouldn't be there waiting for me, glowing or appealingly ready to search in a crate or sack. It's just the inconvenience of having to go sell off things when you're in the middle of nowhere.
      I confess I never consider the mechanics of how scaling works. My husband is the mathematician around here.

    2. A think to know is history: In former times (at launch and during the first trial week) the delves were coded to be "permanent". So when you killed the boss, it was gone for good for you. Also they were kind of "pseudo solo". When entering them in group you were in group, going in solo you got your own instance. Unfortunately it also had the mechanic that only the one who did the killing blow got progress. That meant that way too often i (set up for tank+damage) got the kill any my girl (damage+heal) did not get credit, so she had to wait for the boss to respawn and then solo it.

      It was one of the big things which kept us from staying, but luckily that was fixed, so now you meet people there and you can cooperate. Of course it can happen that you get to the boss merely seconds after it was killed and you have to wait for a little till it respawns, but that's a small price for the now much better system.

    3. Usually I like to play games at launch, but I didn't with ESO. I'm glad I missed some of what you describe! It has been much more fun to play since One Tamriel.


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