Wednesday, July 5, 2017

PlayNotes: Elder Scrolls Online

A large volume of Adventures may be grasped within this little span of life by him who interests his heart in everything.

That's just how this evening went.   First there were ruins to visit.  Luckily it was a fairly busy place so things went quickly.  I practiced a few healing skills on unsuspecting adventurers.

I was given two maps to try to locate places in Balmora.  The first one was very distinctive, and easy to find the location.

With the second map, I just didn't see a house I thought looked quite like this, with the mushrooms growing by the steps and the distinctive tree in particular.

Once I did find this spot, there was still the matter of the hidden doorway, which was luckily given away by the quest arrow symbol nearby.

Next I was to break into a house and steal something.  How they do love breaking and entering in Tamriel.  Unfortunately, my constant snapping of lockpicks in an effort to open the simplest locks left me at the door all bummed, with "no lockpicks or key".

I couldn't find a place to buy lockpicks in Balmora so back to Vivec, where I bought ten.  Pricey!  I hope these will be enough.

Instead of heading straight back to Balmora, I sold some stuff from my inventory and looked for the guy who starts the housing quest.  It turns out my habit of grabbing every quest I come across had me already started on his quest line.

His is another quest location way north, so I decided, after looking at the map, to take the ship for the Mushroom quest, and I could do that one, then just swim over to the housing quest location.

The City of Mushrooms (whose name I clearly didn't write down) is really stunning, and full of quests I had to pick up.   I won't be swimming to my house guy for a bit.

There are also two quests involving romance, something this game includes often, and successfully, I think.  "Sunning herself in the light of a book".   I love that.


  1. It really amuses me when you go "back to Vivec". For that's in the one zone i can't go to yet.

    And on the lockpicks: don't worry, just keep practicing, it'll get better. I also broke a pile when i started out, by now i know that they stack up to 200. (So i currently carry abuot 250 of them around, numbers increasing daily... )

    On the treasures, they are a nice idea. Though, i have to admit i saved the maps till i reached champion level 160, then went out and used up all the treasure maps and the crafter surveys.

    My reasoning for that: you get gear according to your level, but champion level 160 is the gear cap. As i always got enough loot to get my geared on the way to 160, i didn't want to waste the guaranteed higher quality treasures for leveling gear.

    Simlar thoughts for the surveys: you always get materials based on your level and your crafting proficiency. (At an abuot 50/50 split. ) And material costs skyrocket on the highest tier equipment, while materials in the middle range are merely stepping stones. So i put all the maps into the bank and used them after reaching CL160... so yes, i sometimes do optimize. :)

    And on missions about romance: yea, i also noticed many of them. In the Alik'r Desert i hit a streat where i felt like all missions were about love and romance. (I think it was the fourth in a row. ) And just when i was like "nah, i get bored of this", that mission took a mean turn and became something very different.

    Of course it might be a coicidence that it just switched at the perfectly right time for me, but in me eyes that was writing on par with even the better missions of TSW. :)

    1. In this case the map was just part of a quest, but I'll take your advice and hoard any treasure maps I find.
      I'm loving Vvardenfell (sp?) and plan to make it my home in the game once I see how the initial inn room feels as far as a homey place and what sort of decor can be had.
      While there is plenty of romance in the quest lines, tragedy always seems to lurk, so it isn't all happy endings. It's part of the charm of Tamriel that npcs lead such complex lives.

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