Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Parallel Context Revisits Rift

Redbeard at Parallel Context has a great post      revisiting Rift.

He looks at all aspects of the game, having created new characters: one Defiant, one Guardian.   He covers the stories of the two factions, and inspects everything from character creation to the armor the NPCs wear.


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    1. Welcome! I don't know if you plan to look at more games in depth like this, but it would be fun if you did. I love Rift and I think you captured it's essence.

    2. Well, this whole thing arose from a request for my opinion of TERA by one of the mini-Reds, so I know that I have to do that one soon. But I do have a list I'm working on.

    3. And I picture an adorable group of children with little red beards! It's fun they're encouraging you to write about their favorites.
      I've never tried Tera at all, though I think I applied for it's beta way back, but never played even that.


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