Wednesday, July 5, 2017

EQ2: Fallen Gate or Bust, Mostly Bust

So, I've joined the hilarity on the Fallen Gate server.  My character is Atheren, and she's a Fury.  A measly level 5 after doing every quest on the Isle of Refuge.   I was level 7 with each character by the time I got to the Dead Canyon on the live server, but just level 3 here.  Holy Moly Rocky.

I could not do the cave, because I actually have to heal myself here, whereas my live Fury has never touched her heals.  And I died at least twice anyway in that ratty cave which was so simple on live.   I asked everyone I saw outside if they wanted to go in.  The second person said yes, so it wasn't hours or anything.

I sent my poor girl to the Frostfang Sea, where everyone else seems to be going, though it's cold and I have no shoes.  Sooooo cold.   Note the little puff of cold breath.  Can't quite get my feet close to the fire.  Brrr...

I'm available for fighting, healing, general adventuring.  Say hello if you go by!

Update:  I've made level 9, so I'm going to get my mount for sure.


  1. I ended up barefoot in the snow as well. I am finding the path forward a bit of a slog. I know the exp gain is supposed to be more 2004 than 2017, but the quest lines seem to assume a faster exp gain, so I am level 8 picking up level 11 and 12 quests. Then again, I am also playing a guardian for the first time, so I might not be up on that play style.

    If you see Sanperre running around in the snow, hail him.

    1. Thankfully a quest got me a pair of boots, so I don't feel so cold. I'm at level 6 and the creatures across the lake from Pilgrims Landing are just at my level. Fights are more reasonable than they were on the Isle.
      I will keep an eye out for you! I have a feeling I'm not going to skate through this area so easily.


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