Saturday, June 3, 2017

World of Warcraft: A New Start

On the heels of my EQ2 character wipe and remix, I killed off a few characters on a WOW server and started a new set on a new server.  It has been awhile, I'm realizing, since I started a brand new character in World of Warcraft.

I changed things up a bit in creating these.  I always find myself using my Druid as a main character, but I'm leading with a Retribution Paladin this time.  I find I have neglected my Paladins somewhat, though they really are fun to play and useful in groups.  This time, ta da, the Paladin wins.

The big stunner is, I've actually found a guild to join that is everything I've wanted.  It has made me think that I really need to try to find a guild in the three other games where I think life would be more fun with guildies:  LOTRO, Rift and EQ2.  

As I created my characters, I gave the Paladin Herbalism and Mining to be useful contributing materials.

Alt-itis soon struck, as it seemed the guild bank was mostly full of high level materials and my puny staff wasn't so helpful.  I now have eight characters, one of each craft set so I can craft my way along happily as I'm prone to doing.   There are lower levels too, so maybe someone can benefit from my skills.  The ideal situation for me as a crafter is to have people to make things for, not just to grind level or sell at auction, but to make useful things that make others game play easier and happier.  Sigh.

I'm finding the early regions of Azeroth changed a bit, quest chains changed or missing.   I am taking my time and trying to get all the achievements with my main, and it is somewhat frustrating to not see this particular character's progress in the Achievements panel, just that some other character completed it six years ago....zzzzzzz.

Dungeoning once more!  There have been changes to these as well.  Blackfathom Deep was the most changed, and I got lost for a bit, so embarrassing, I'm surprised they didn't boot me.  Everything in there was different.  Gnomeregan is next up and I'm almost afraid to see what they've done to it.  Even so, I am enjoying working in a group so much.

I saw on my character sheet my less than level 10 characters were assigned a specialization.  My Paladin automatically Retribution.  My Warlock is assigned Affliction.   My Mage Frost Mage.  You can still choose at 10, but hmmpf, I don't know that I care for it.

Changing things up, I went with Demonology for my Warlock since I always do Destruction.  I don't know if it's me, or if Demonology isn't so great, but I'm dying on this character anytime more than two mobs attack, and I'm not used to my Warlock having any trouble with anything.

At this time not doing Priest, Rogue, DK, or Demon Hunter.  See me be so focused.

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