Monday, May 8, 2017

Old Lotro Notes: Moria

I watched MJ of MassivelyOp's LOTRO Pajama Party stream the other day, and somehow, in this particular context, her voice seemed familiar from the game's beta.  There is no other game I can think of where I've actually used Voice Chat, but it was ubiquitous in LOTRO (though I'm not finding it to be so playing now).  In general, I find Voice immersion breaking, but in instances where you're coordinating group play, it can be useful.

I went looking though my old game notebooks to see if I had commented on any people (because I'm always inwardly observing and noting how people are, in game and out).   Good little tester that I was, my notes were completely focused on the game, classes, and environments.

My Initial Moria Notes:

I've been in the Mines for the better part of a week.  Gaining entrance was not easy and some members of the Expedition were lost at the Hollin Gate.  Their loss continues to resonate through the dwarven community as they strive to gain footholds in Moria.

As I make my way through the dark passageways, and through halls of stern splendor in Moria, I see why the dwarves risk so much to reclaim it.  I have never seen such grand architecture, from soaring bridges to monolithic faces carved into stone everywhere.

Unfortunately, the beauty is marred by the dark presence of every evil creature of Middle Earth.  Some familiar foes roam the corridors, and other bent, twisted things appear as you attempt to push forward.

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