Sunday, May 21, 2017

Everquest 2: Kung Foo Kitty

Logging in this morning I noticed you can purchase characters right from the character select screen for 1000 DB (Daybreak Cash?).   Somehow I happened to have that exactly!!!!   Plink!

One of the classes I was considering when looking through what is available was the Fighter Class Monk.   Voila!   Kung Foo Kitty is born!  She's so cute, I love the Kerra race.  You should see her making those martial arts moves.  So adorable.

Now I don't need to kill off the Evil Wizard (who is all mooshy on the inside).

I now have a Kerra Ranger, A Halfling Warden, a High Elf Fury, A Ratonga Conjuror, a Kerra Monk, and a Ratonga Wizard.

So far I'm liking the fighting abilities of the Warden and Fury best, but we'll see if that changes as the characters gain levels.

You can go home again, you can start all shiny and new again in any game.


  1. I never really got on with the Monk although I absolutely love the Bruiser. I also never really got to grips with the Fury, which never quite seems to click as DPS or Healer. That's definitely just me though because Fury has always been a very popular class.

    I really should make my next free level 100 a Kerra. I have several but none of them has made it much beyond the 40s or 50s as far as I can recall.

    1. There is something about cat-like characters I love. I'm happiest in Elder Scrolls games when my character is a Khajiit. Those beautiful faces, those long happily swinging tails! As I'm looking at the classes, I want first of all a character who can hit hard and fast, making for a short fight. The Warden and Fury were killing things pretty quickly, the Conjuror and the Ranger had longer fights with everything. The Monk's fight on the ship she was on was also a bit slow, but fun to watch. I'm playing these characters side by side so I can compare, and if a class really isn't fun to play I'm going to pop them and create someone new. I do usually play fighting classes first in games, particularly a warrior type with a very large sword. If I keep these and by chance want to add another character, I'll look at the Bruiser. Tried the Paladin in the past and thought it was awful and clunky. I had hoped it would be more like my WOW Retribution Paladin, but no. I'm really pleased with things this time around and I may subscribe since I think so much is gated for Free to Play players here.


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