Thursday, April 27, 2017

On A Rainy Evening

No sun, no problem.

Star Wars Galaxies

I made a factory run of Walls with my Architect, promptly using them up on Cities and Guild Halls.

That twitch to shoot something brought out my halfway there Pistoleer.  She would also like to be a Bounty Hunter, but I'm missing just a single box to complete Marksman, Rifles 4.  Oh how painful to try to get that last box.  Using an SG-82 rifle which looks like a bent pipe.  zzzzzz

I sent my TK out briefly for some easy peasy Bol hunting on Dantooine, but her second mission had her chased by a Huurton who had been chomping my bols.  There were also two groups of Grauls right nearby.  It was never going to end well.

Lord of The Rings Online

More progress in Lothlorien.  Bizarrely a quest sent me back into Moria to help Bosi.  No one can resist a dwarf.   My Yellow Vision is improving.  Things didn't look so bad tonight.


I downloaded Wildstar and will be playing my Medic.  It took me a few minutes to get reoriented to the game, but I'm glad to be back, giving it another try.  Such a great looking, dare I say, happy game.

Secret World

It's official Secret World Day so into the Innsmouth Academy instance I went.   I immediately hit the wrong icon on the door because I was positioned oddly when I selected it.  All downhill from there.   It has been a while since I played and I know I didn't get the codes right in earlier puzzles right off.  They must have let me re-start somehow.  This door isn't.  I tried looking up how to re-set door puzzles in a variety of different ways.  Nada. 

Tried going out of the instance and back in.  Out of the game and back in.  Plink!  Somehow I'm getting in there.

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