Monday, April 17, 2017

Into The Rift: Stillmoor

I've decided to continue playing Rift with my level 50 Mage as the main character.  Her skills and survivability make her fun to play, plus she has a variety of pets at her disposal.

She's in the Stillmoor area of Mathosia, which is for levels 45-50.  I had her working in various other areas, so she has not completed the quest lines here, and I'm going to do this area completely then move on.

Whenever I send one character ahead of the others, I like to know the area well.  If I know the dangers and treasures offered, things are simpler for the rest of the characters when they pass through.

One of the things I enjoy about Rift is that each area has a distinct look, character and story line.  Stillmoor has a dark, gothic look, with a storyline involving werewolves.  Not your typical movie monster werewolves, but real people who have tragically been turned into beasts.

At level 50, the upper end of the suggested level for the area, my mage is handling everything that comes her way nicely.  It seems to me I read that after 50 armor becomes much more important to your character.  I'm going to have to up my crafting, questing and maybe raid game (non-existent except in the one (s) which have been converted to Intrepid Adventures). 


  1. To me, Stillmoor represents the textbook example of "you can't go home any more". For several months after launch that was where I was most nights, along with what seemed like hundreds of other players, battling the invading hordes as they poured towards Zareph's Return. That's an experience I'll never have again.

    Other than that I remember it as a bleak, unpleasant zone.

    1. The architecture and lighting in Stillmoor give it a haunted feel, though it doesn't seem bleak to me. The Droughtlands seems as if all life has been wiped from the area. I don't care for it much. Scarwood Reach can seem like a dead zone, with its dry canyons and those odd little ghost towns populated by Defiants and other unhappy foes.


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