Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Myndariel's Middle Earth Class X Series: The Burglar

Myndariel is starting a post series called  Class X featuring the classes of Lord Of The Rings Online in depth from level 1-20.

She's creating a new character for a class and playing through those levels, giving an expert look at how the class plays, and what each of the specs available can do.

The Burglar class is the first in the series, and it's well worth watching for her others as they become available not only to help you choose a class, but to get a good feel for the best way to play.

My own Burglar is level 25, but there's plenty here I didn't know. (Note there's lots more information than I've pictured below.)


  1. That's very cool, a LOTRO blog I didn't know of yet. There is very little up to date class info out there, just like there are very few players left that play classes to their full potential.

    1. I'm happy to have given you another fine LOTRO blog to read. Someone more analytical than I am might wonder at the reasons for players not maximizing their skill sets. Usually the group content in games such as PvP, raids and dungeons are what challenges players to perfect their gameplay with at least one class. Is there something about those content areas in LOTRO that doesn't require the skill, or are people generally not playing those at endgame anymore?


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