Friday, February 24, 2017

Here Comes The Sun: Gaming Goals For 2017

It's February. Temperatures have been in the 50s and 60s!!!!!!!!!!!  The eternally sunshine drenched virtual lands can't compare to the real sun, and warmth, and a fresh breeze.  Ahhhh.  The ice is almost completely gone.  We could always get slammed with more snow and ice.  It's way to early for spring, but garden goals have overtaken game goals in my imagination in response to this late winter's gift.  I do play year around, but once I can be outside, the time spent is far less.  Maybe I should have some broader, more easily realized goals in the games I play.

I admire the bloggers who post monthly gaming goals, and find them fun to read.  MJ of MassivelyOP just posted a set of gaming goals for her EQ2 playtime for 2017.  Impressive!  It really shows the depth of the game that she can have so many interesting and deep goals for just that single game.

2017 Game Goals

World Of Warcraft 

Get my Dungeon Game back up to snuff

Seriously look at equipping my characters with the best of everything I can make for them to give them a better chance of survival if they're in a currently "off class" (one which feels nerfed to smithereens).

Continue my entertaining rotation of all characters on two different servers.

Work on as many general Achievements as I can manage, because I haven't many for as long as I've been playing.  It just hasn't been a goal.


Get all characters to max, crafters first.  I have been playing this game the most, and the more I play the more I love it, as I always did.

Join the Rebellion with at least one character.  Time to stand and fight.

Elder Scrolls Online

I really need to figure out how to fight effectively with at least one character.  I think I'm doing well then blammo.

Get at least the starter house so my characters have a safe place to snooze and call home.  The freebie one will do.

Secret World

I think what has really held me back here is that I haven't taken the time to learn the crafting system, oddly enough.  I think that learning it would give me just that bit of an edge.  I don't mind the combat at all, but of course I could do better at it.


My beloved Rift!  I just stopped playing once I boosted my Cleric.  So silly, I chose a character whose combat was the most challenging for me, then raised her above the level of any area I am familiar with in the game, and I feel like I should play her, but I don't wanna.  Tsk.  Best to switch back to the Mage who is almost level 50.

Everquest II

Time to learn this game.  Had some trouble with log ins and then supreme lag the last time I logged in, trying to get my boosted character the level down thingie.  (I should have another cup of coffee, can't remember what the "down boost" is called).

Lord of the Rings Online

I really need to move my Loremaster along into Moria.  It is my favorite area of the game.  I think this is the game where I would benefit most from joining a guild and getting help with questions and getting grouping opportunities.  So, that's what I'll do.  I am pretty picky about guilds though, and won't wear a guild name over my head that I don't like, and I need people to be super nice and helpful to players of all levels.  Not so easy to find as you might think. 

With a whole year to work on these, I should be good to go, right?  


  1. Quite a list of goals and games :-)

    I'm still trying different builds in Rift, I've read on forums that since the latest expansion Cleric dps has suffered especially due to them being more complex to play effectively. That said this morning I was trying out a new 61 point Shaman build in an intrepid adventure and it seems very effective and fun to play!

    The down boost option in EQ2 is called Chronomancy - you go find an NPC with that in their title in any city.

    I'm about to try ESO again it seems, never stuck with the game but two friends have now bought it so we have something else to play together while waiting on 7.2 in WoW...

    1. I thought spreading the goals out over the course of the whole year and setting pretty modest goals might be doable!
      My Rift Cleric started as a pure healer, but I set her along a path of Druid for the fighting capabilities and the "pet" helpers for survivability. I may have made her good at neither thing as a result. I need to take a good look at what skills were auto-assigned by the system when I boosted the character. Theoretically, you get the most efficient build but did they build an efficient healer or efficient combat character?
      In EQ2 not only was the game freezing, but I could not find the Chronomancy NPC anywhere in the docks area of the city of Neriak so it was doubly frustrating.
      I think those who have loved the Elder Scrolls games over time will love ESO, as it is now very much like the Tamriel of yore. My only long term concern is that it is all PVP directed at end game, which makes me in no hurry to get there. Having to be in a guild as a successful crafter makes me unhappy. Morrowind !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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