Sunday, October 2, 2016

Sixteen Characters Now In Motion

Rotating nine level 100s apparently bores me, so I now have a total of sixteen characters on two servers in the rotation.  Several are in Draenor, one in Pandaria, a couple in Northrend, and there's a new little Gnome Hunter preparing to enter the Frosthold mine.

The levels go much faster for anyone not in the Broken Isles.  I queue the Northrenders and Pandaria for dungeons, and bypass them for Draenor (the expansion that put me off dungeons in this game).  I'm planning to send each character in the required dungeons for Broken Isles quest and crafting requirements, though I don't appreciate being forced to do so.

I'm having too good a time with this rotation, I think, and it occurred to me suddenly that once all my 100s are at 110 I'll have to figure out how that works out since it becomes El Grindaroony. 

Maybe each day a different character gets a shot at World Quests and whatever else is a must do at level cap.  I can see in advance I am unlikely to do Mythic Raiding or Raids so, it might be 110 and done on those folks till the next expansion.  Luckily there are a boatload of characters in the wings.

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