Friday, August 12, 2016


This week of nicely scheduled play didn't go as planned.  I only managed to play World of Warcraft a couple of times and make some progress in LOTRO.

There were big updates for WOW, LOTRO, and Guild Wars 2. 

I bought the Heart of Thorns expansion on sale before leaving on vacation.  3/4 of the way through the installation last night a big red flag of a notification box appeared onscreen.  YOW!  Out of hard Drive space.

Ouch.  I had recently cleared a bunch of space so I could install Elder Scrolls Online.  This week's updates ate all of the remaining bits of space.  

My spouse acquired a second terabyte drive for me awhile ago, but couldn't get it to fit in the pc. He's been pondering who he could bring it to for installation who wouldn't be all crazy expensive.

Today I'll need to try to clear off enough space to be functional.  Hmmpf.


  1. You could just buy a cheap HDD enclosure, slap the spare TB drive in that and siphon a bunch of stuff you don't use too often over to there. After I upgraded my PC in May I took the old HDDs out to put them in the new one but I had an enclosure sitting around so in the end I just used that. I play MMOs from there via a usb connection and I can't see any difference whatsoever from playing form a drive that's installed internally. Indeed, over the years I've often played MMOs directly from a usb stick and it's been much the same.

  2. I know when my husband reads this he'll understand what you mean. I'm all about software. Hardware stuff...not so much! To illustrate, I have a Seagate usb drive, you're not saying you can play from something like that, are you?

  3. I cleared a few gb by moving LOTRO to my laptop and removing Dragonage from the pc. There isn't much more I can take off, or that I'm willing to remove.


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