Thursday, June 9, 2016

PVP Test: Die, Snowzilla Die! (Joking)

Ms. up for anything went into the PVP test.  I thought I'm maybe too much of a target with my foofy girl characters, so I created HIM:

If you're going to be a guy, be DookNukem.   It's the only way.

I chose a Warrior for additional oomf.   My highest on live is level 92, so I was at least familiar with the class.  I chose the talents I thought would do the most damage, it being PVP and all.

So many awesome moves!   I was sure I would clean up the place.

I imagined that you'd be dropped right into some big battle, but no, you have to queue for a Random Battleground.

So the queue was 13+ minutes and I got bored.

Finally WE'RE IN!

Everybody splits off going all different ways.   I try my moves on a few guys and spend lots of time at the boneyard, oddly much of the time sent there by Snowzilla.   The first time it happened, I noticed I was Team Leader. Hahahahahaha.

Despite my many deaths, I came out right in the middle of the leader board, which I was pretty pleased with.  I may or may not go back in.

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