Monday, June 20, 2016

Baldur's Gate @ The Friendly Arms Inn

I found and have been having a lively time at The Friendly Arms Inn.  I had difficulty at first finding the Inn entrance because it was in the dark of night and I didn't see the stairs leading up.

Once I did, a Mage Assassin insisted I must die.  I was barely able to mount a defense when my character started running in circles, then was dead.

On my second try, (doink) I forgot to equip my bow and went running up to him sword in hand.  It ended badly.

Try three, bow equipped, I sent Imoen in to talk to him.  It is so odd he decided she was the one he needed to kill, though she clearly was not the glorious Atheren.  Imoen died, but I did not, so full save.  

As I was looking to find out how to boot her dead corpse from my party, I saw she could be revived at the handy temple nearby for a hefty 100 gold.  I had 299 so, I thought why not.

Before leaving town, I really need to make sure I am more familiar with party management.  Is there an ideal number of members and class makeup?  I need to make sure I can pause and get everyone in position, spells and weapons ready.  Should I be using my party members like little pack mules to carry things we find?  If they die, do they have enough loot on them to make it worth resurrecting them?

Should I go directly to the next town or backtrack through the area to the south to make sure I get any loot or Xp there before moving on?

Excellent game, lots to think about.  Never fear I save constantly.  Just in case.


  1. Nurse your partymembers (almost) like were they yourself. If someone dies reload or get them rezzed. I always clean areas as I pass through, it isnt needed as such though. Do the sidequests, they are fun :-)

    Ideal number of members are as many as you can get. But max is 6. Ideal setup is debateable. At least one healer is very adviseable. I like having at least one mage as well, rest sort of depends on playstyle. Usually 1+ of each role is good, but you can make most anything work. Bring the ones whose personality you enjoy (but do yourself a favor and make room for Minsc and Boo).

    Dont stick to closely to the mainplot. And dont be shy about barging in to peoples homes to tall with them

    Bows can be nice for kiting powerful enemoes early on

    And remember to pause to issue commands in combat :-)

    All of this is probably way to late info. But have fun. The game is still good

    1. I'm trying to do every quest I come to. My party is now at six, with no healer. I'm trying to get to Nashkell where everyone seems to want to go but I'm not able to just bypass Beregost, I'm killed in moments by ogres no matter what route I try to take south.
      The Mage is a real problem for me, and I realize I have never played one in this type of game. I just can't manage the guy, he doesn't use his spells but goes running up to the bad guys and he gets killed, then everyone is dead because I spend the time trying to get him out of trouble.
      Clearly I'm not using him or the pause feature to the best effect.


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