Thursday, May 12, 2016

Ready To Rumble: Legion Beta


Game client is up to date

Demon Hunter possible names picked out

Taking the DPS Demon Hunter Spec, because though I have tanked when the tank dropped out of dungeons, I just can't hold aggro efficiently. Ok in a pinch, but in most groups of wild@## players, nope. 

New Beta Notebook at hand

Ready to brave the WOW forums by posting there, because you have to give feedback and that is where your feedback is best seen

Going to try to work in a guild

Will try everything offered, even the PvP.  Why don't I PvP? Well, here's what happens to me in a battleground.  I kill some guy.  Guy comes back and kills me.  I go back in and kill him again.  He and his buds corpse camp me at the graveyard.   Session ends.

Will slink into a Raid!

Very excited! 

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