Thursday, April 14, 2016

Comfy Gaming

I purchased a new laptop recently. The primary requirement was that it would have to comfortably play World of Warcraft.  If I can only play one game, that's the one.

I didn't change any graphical settings, but it looks pretty good as is.

I find the ambient music to be more varied and pervasive on the laptop than on my gaming pic with its mongo speakers.  Anytime I'm playing a game and I find myself stopping and listening to the music, I love it.  Truthfully, there aren't many areas in WOW where I like the music.

It isn't like Lord Of The Rings Online or SWG where you're surrounded by really beautiful music at every turn.

I sent my Druid to Tanaan for a daily quest because she was out of oil.  The Daily went pretty well, but I almost died a couple of times due to lag? Or perhaps the keyboard isn't as familiar so I'm not hitting the keys I think I am.  I certainly won't be doing any dungeons on the laptop.  Can't have any distractions, or anything going awry for some technical reason.

It is really nice to do garrison chores during commercials.  

I also have characters gathering herbs and other materials mindlessly in various areas.  That is certainly doable while doing something else.

I was wondering what else I would want available for quickie play.  

I'm unable to load my character tonight in WOW, so I'm writing this on my iPad while Guild Wars 2 is loading.

Those two are my mainstays now.

I'd like Galaxies, but the emu people are pretty strict about installations.

Rift would be nice.

LOTRO, I'm enjoying that again.

Better stick with WOW and GW2, right.

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