Saturday, January 30, 2016

To Tanaan and Back

I've been playing World of Warcraft almost exclusively.  I'm not sure what it is, but I'm switching between characters like mad leveling them.

I've even managed to get a Warrior to Dreanor, something that has been a real slog for me.  What is it about that class which seems so clunky to me, when my son, nephew and sister all love it as their favorite class?

I dragged her to Draenor because she's my blacksmith and I wanted her to make armor for my Paladin and Death Knight, the next classes I wanted to move through Draenor to level 100.  Now that she's there and surviving well enough, I'm thinking I'll let her advance instead.

My Hunter made level 100 a couple of weeks ago.  My strategy with her was to do every quest in each area of Draenor.  By the time I finished Talador, she just needed a box or so in Spires of Arak to level up.   I'm continuing the Spires and will do the dreaded Nagrand when she finishes Spires.  Since she has skinning, all those animals shouldn't be so arduous.

I used to be a total completionist with my characters and wouldn't move them on to a new area until they had completed every quest in their current place.  Working through that way also feels like it gives the character more gold and better armor.  I'm going to use that method for everyone else who hits Dreanor.

The Hunter is my first Draenor character who could kill every single elite, Gold or Silver, that she came across.  I do keep wishing she had some sort of stealth, as my daily outings in the Tanaan Jungle are much more challenging.  As her item levels go up, it is a bit easier.

I'm having her work towards Draenor Pathfinder.  I still don't feel flying is of much interest in Draenor proper, but I would really like to fly in Tanaan.  There seem to be quite a few places that can only be entered one way, with other possible avenues blocked.

Lock ups

I have been having total game lockups, particularly in the Spires of Arak. I have to do a hard reboot, at least once a session.  It is so annoying.  I'm not seeing this with characters in other areas of the world.


I said last time Paladins were perfect tanks.  Silly me.  I had two in a row in Burning Crusade level dungeons who were in la la land as far as noticing other players in the dungeon.  One kept pulling huge amounts of mobs and everyone died like five times in a row.  The other just ran ahead of everyone, leaving us in a few dicey situations.

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