Friday, January 15, 2016

Good Dungeon/Bad Dungeon

Once again the prolific Syp of Biobreak has intriguing thoughts. Today, he talks about what makes a dungeon a good or bad experience for him.  He gloriously has been in dungeons in a wide variety of games.

Although I meant at one time to try out dungeons in many of the games I play, my experiences in Neverwinter and Rift sort of killed that idea.  All of my Pugging/Dungeoneering XP comes from World of Warcraft.  I've sent every single class through dungeons of all levels.  Even if I haven't been playing a particular class for awhile, I can pretty quickly adapt and play through.  I've been through most dungeons dozens of times.

With my Wowish background in mind, here is what makes for a good or bad dungeon run.

A Good Run

Everyone plays their role to the best of their abilities.

The dungeon and its challenges are taken in stride, and at a reasonable pace.

People at least say hello.

The Tank stays with the group and tanks.

The Healer heals.

I get some good loot, and I welcome even junky loot I can sell.

Everyone is reasonable about Loot Rolls.

Everyone stays with the dungeon group for the entire run.

The tank is a Paladin!  My favorite tanks.  They never do anything wrong :)

A Bad Run

The Tank leaves right away.

The Tank runs ahead of everyone paying no attention to the fate of the rest of the group. 

A person who feels they are all big and bad and damage dealing posts DPS numbers.

Speaking of posting...the people whose add-ons post every move they've made and attack they've're killin' me.

Hunters, Monks and Death Knights who grab aggro constantly.  These are the three classes that are guilty almost every time there's a problem.

One or more people take the time to be ugly to their fellow human beings.  I don't ever want to know what a vile, hate filled piece of scum anyone is.  I really don't.

Everyone dies pretty early on because of one of the above and everyone leaves the dungeon.

95% percent of the time if you find you're the fifth person in a group who belong to the same guild, something bad will happen to you.   When our own guild was running dungeons, I was so aware of this, and tried to make sure the person felt welcomed and that they weren't going to have a bad experience.

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