Saturday, December 5, 2015

The Perfect Vendor?

I've been in a nice groove again going between my games.  I've decided to re-work my Galaxies folks a bit, so I'm moving my merchant tent over by my guild hall.

Galaxies gives you a wide variety of vendors you can make, choosing between terminals, droids or npc races.  Problematically, you were never given any control over how your vendor would actually look.  If you were fiendish enough, you could get some beings pretty close to what you want.  In order to do it, sometimes you might make and destroy dozens, even hundreds of vendors to get something decent.

I want a vendor that looks like my Master Merchant Elsinor Dustbunnie.  Humans are notoriously difficult.  It is going to be a long long road.  I always thought they should be able to give you access to the character creation screen for these.

Dustbunnie (but I'm not looking for the "I've-Been-Goosed" look)

Note my first tries don't look anything like her.  Not to me.  Look closely to get those scary details.

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