Monday, November 2, 2015

IntPiPomo @Gamer Girl Confessions

To properly get you started posting your screenshots for November's IntPiPoMo, visit Gamer Girl Confessions.

You can sign up officially and try for one of three Steam keys (very exciting!).   There's a nice list of bloggers signed up who are ready to show you the worlds they live in.

I did a little searching this morning in my various folders and I am likely not going to make it myself(I drop off the face of the earth tomorrow for at least this week).   I'm going to try to schedule a few posts to see if that works.  Rather like Blaugust, this just isn't my year for month long posts.

I think that as fall comes, I'm going to have more time to play, so more screenshots, more variation in games, coming soon.


  1. Welcome to IntPiPoMo! ^_^ Added you to the list, and added you to my feedreader! And totally new to the blog, and I love what little bit of prior entries I've read so far. ^_^

    1. Hello! What a fun idea you've had. I wasn't going to officially sign up, then I thought why not? Best of luck!

    2. Not my idea to start, but definitely glad to be able to continue the legacy. ^_^


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