Monday, November 2, 2015

IntPiPoMo #2 Deus Ex Human Revolution

A friend used to say something like "recording a tv show means never having to watch it" meaning it is just there, no pressure, whenever.  Single player games can be that way too.  If you're stopped by a boss or puzzle or sequence you just can't get past, you can go back to it any old time and nobody knows you've been failing epically unless you post screenshots.

I actually got farther than this in Deus Ex.  There's a room with a bunch of bad guys and crates. I of course was the dead one.  My husband goes in, clears the room like no problem, but doesn't save, so, consider me still dead, but planning to go back in now that I'm reminded how cool the game is.  I need to take it slow, don't panic.  Point, shoot, don't die.


  1. I'm absolutely terrible at FPS. I commend you for trying them! I stink so much that I just don't even try, lol.

    1. My problem isn't that I can't point and shoot quickly enough, it's that I seem to put myself right into the scene and I take it all personally. I can't step back from the characters as my husband and son can.


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