Sunday, November 1, 2015

IntPiPoMo #1

That's what I say.  Bhagpuss from Inventory Full has tossed the gauntlet...or however that goes...for a picture a day November challenge. En garde!

IntPiPoMo   International Picture Posting Month

Ta da!

From Dragon Age Inquisition, I apparently don't have blood splatter turned off.  This will encourage me to go back in and try to beat the first boss again...whom I was supposed to ignore whilst closing a rift with my green ol' hand.  Ever the heroic fool, I alternated between boss and rift and dead dead dead.


  1. Great picture! Now I want to buy & play Inquisition... :/

    Looking forward to more IntPiPoMo screenies. *IntPiPoMo buddy high five*

  2. Hi five! I'm going to have to pre-schedule posts for this week, I hope it works! Looking forward to your always stunning screenshots :)


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