Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Fallout 4 A Jaunt Through The Countryside

So after yet another try at the Deathclaw...

I thought, I don't have to kill this guy before I move on. It isn't a quest sequence, so off I went cross country seeing the sights.   Almost immediately, I got a notice "You Cannot Go That Way".  What kind of open world is that?

There's stuff out there, alright.  Molerats, campfires that look deserted but there are three guys, another nice camp that turned out to have a dog and a Raider nearby.  Oops.

This place looked like trouble but it just had some nice goodies.  The Raider camps made me jumpy, I guess.

Since there was a fire in a barrel, I suspected even more Raiders at Olivia Station.  The upper part was all nice and quiet.  Why are there mannequins all over the Wasteland, why?

In another building, the way led downwards.  For the first time I had an overloaded inventory and had to drop stuff.

I should have scooted home and unloaded.  Come back all fresh. Because the lower levels were rolling in Raiders.  Tomorrow.


  1. You can use the doggy as an item mule u believe companions can carry like 200 by themselves.. Just open the trade section with them.

    And good luck in your travels, and a word of wisdom when in trouble... Jet and psycho.. Awwww yeh =p

  2. He can carry weight of 200? I had no idea. Wow, what a good dog. Thanks for the tips.


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