Monday, October 26, 2015

Return to Wildstar

I never got a real chance to play Wildstar at release, and I'm pretty happy to be able to start again and give the game a proper play through.   For a variety of reasons I couldn't play during opening week.  Even getting in this week, the place is crowded and it's a battle to interact with npcs and kill mobs without one or more people bouncing in from out of nowhere to get it before you do.

I've made one of each character class and am actually excited to play the Rogue-like Stalker.  Since my level 95 Wow Rogue is my favorite character in that game these days, I'm willing to give stealth classes a chance.

 When you enter stealth she pulls out incredibly long Wolverine like claws and away you go.  I'm pleased to see her stealth isn't easily broken, so she can move ghost-like through the world.  While I'd like to rotate between all of my characters, she is a favorite and will probably get the most play time for a bit.

Random things I like:

The music is so vigorous and uplifting. Energizing!

The Announcer with his "Double Kill!" makes you feel like you've scored big.

Lots of achievements, including lore bits to find and exploration of the map.

Paths...I took explorer with an earlier character and really liked it, took Settler with Stalker and am not so enchanted with it so far.

I love that you get so many opportunities to jump and double jump and practically fly in so many places.  It is a joyous thing.

They made me rename my characters who had previously existed, but luckily they were only asking me to add a last name, not change my name altogether.  I wish Turbine had thought of something like this to differentiate characters.

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