Saturday, October 17, 2015

I'll See You In My Dreams

You know that old saw that says if you dream in color you're all bright and imaginative and if you dream in black and white you're mental dross?

Well, I dreamed I was fighting a bunch of vampires.  I had no weapons of any kind, to my horror.  So like a heroine in a video game I took them out with my bare fists.  They cracked open and poured copious amounts of dark red blood from their vampiry shells as I took them out like mad.

Ya ya, what a crazy person, you say.

I know exactly the source of this dream.  I was lured to start a new Fallout Shelter vault on my phone by the promise of five free lunch boxes and a new character from Fallout 4 named Piper.

My original vault runs like a dream, so perfect.  In the new vault, I'm running low on resources constantly.

Here's the nightmare: nobody has a weapon and they're all fighting any Raiders and Radroaches with just their fists.  Horrible to watch them flail helplessly.

Every time I check in I fear to see all the dwellers dead, and I have no caps to bring them back.  (Sob, sniff)

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