Sunday, October 11, 2015

600 Barrels of Oil On The Wall, 600 Barrels of Oil...If One Of Those Barrels Should Happen To Fall...

I finally did one of the Tanaan Quests: The Ruins of Kra'nak tonight.  I'm rolling in oil, rolling, I say.

The first part of this experience was a quest to help Scrollkeeper Reshad find clues at the Ruins.  He was so awful.  Standing on top of me, standing on the mobs I was fighting so his dialogue box kept coming up, standing on corpses making them difficult to loot.  He couldn't hear me but I said many bad things to him.

It culminated with one of those dread "Defend Reshad" sequences.  I can fight two, three of these mobs tops, more than that and I'm dead.  I died way more than normal tonight.  This sequence was the only one where I wished I had a group, because no way could I prevail.

I couldn't believe it when I got back to my body and the fight was over, and Reshad completed my quest there.  Luckily the Stinker From Mars ran off and I could work on the rest of the objective for the oil alone, stealthed, without him being underfoot.  Whap, whap.

I found so many treasures in the place, my item level shot up to a respectable number, finally.  Too good.

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