Friday, September 11, 2015

The Drunder Thread

I've been looking to see how things are going with the Drunder Server but there isn't much information.

I did find a Drunder Thread on the Official Daybreak Forums

I haven't gotten through all 10 pages yet but there's all sorts of discussion and speculation, plus a report from at least one person trapped in the likely hellish realm.  

Quite the experiment.

Interestingly a thread on EQ2 Flames is by the same OP who is apparently on Drunder in the regular forums.   Hmmmm


  1. Drunder and trolls in the same place and sentence?

    Surely not! ^.^

    1. Major troll action! An entire server of trolls. It staggers the imagination. Daybreak has to be learning a boatload about exploits though, for as long as the trolls are willing to pay. I found the intense curiosity about Drunder coupled with very righteous judgement to be a curious mix. Most interesting.


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