Wednesday, September 23, 2015

LOTRO: Ready to Rumble

...Ready to Rumble...we used to be wrestling fans around the house so the phrase is deeply embedded.

I logged in to each of the worlds which are going to survive the Big Purge and checked my Meneldor character names by adding them to my Friends list. 

On one world or another, every name was used, even ones I made up from whole cloth.  In theory, I could still keep them but just have a (was it plus or minus?) 1 in front of my name.  I needn't necessarily lose the names altogether.

The ongoing problem being that they will only do the second set of servers next week, and oh so slowly over what is looking like the next few months others will fill slots and potentially get the first and second shots at names I've had since Beta.

I'm ready with an all new fresh list of potential names, but...

I decided I'd like everyone together if possible so I killed off a few characters to make sure they could all land in one place given the 11 character slots available.  It seemed a little ruthless but I did it.

My Kinship was successfully disbanded this time around.  No weirdo stuff with that.

When you log in there is a Transfer button.  I bet that has confused a few people.  And the temptation!  You just want to push the button and get it over with and end the uncertainty.

Rule 1, 2 and 3 of online games:  Don't Get Attached.

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