Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Have Not Gone Dark, Just Cruisin'...

Didn't want my "legion of readers" to think I'd Gone Dark (thanks TSC for that phrase), I'm just not up to anything interesting.


Did a Timewalk Dungeon, I'm not sure what I expected, but maybe more somehow.  My character I sent in was level 82 so the Nexus wasn't so long ago for her.  She got a few nice things, but her uber special item at dungeon's end was an item level 306 Fist Weapon.   My Rogue would have liked a sword with that iLvl.

Haven't advanced my Shipyard because it appears I have to do a Tanaan daily with a Pre-made group to get my 600 barrels of oil.  My level 97 Mage is getting Garrison missions with Oil as a reward, but not my level 100 Druid who could use them.  Annoying.

The Rogue is  now level 84 1/2 in Hyjal and I've just started working for the guy in the Outhouse.  I just hate that guy.

So I noticed my DK on another server hadn't gone all the way through the Tanaan Draenor intro yet. Yikes.  She's a gnome, and so adorable.  All those squeaky little cries as she fights!


I saw the phrase somewhere else this week "holding pattern".  I don't feel like working on anyone till everyone is settled somewhere.  Apparently tomorrow they announce some new moves.

Some oddity with kinships is causing problems, and shared storage and housing stuff.  I thought I killed off my kinship before leaving a few years ago but the stinker is there still. I guess I'd best try to kill it off once more.  Run wild, run free, little characters.


Just gliding along, fighting here, gathering resources there, working craft macros.  I need to get something to listen to while I do a craft macro because that click click click is mind numbing.
Still and all, I love every pixel of the game.

Do some of your characters have a life of their own?

I'm pretty quiet in games and often don't even read trade chat, let alone speak in it.  I notice however some of my characters seem to be unable to keep their snoots shut.  Reading comments in general or trade chat, when those are the ones logged on suddenly its jabber jabber, smart remarks, or sometimes just super helpful.  My Mage in Wow.  Blah blah, she says.  My "secret characters" in Galaxies.  Blah blah blah.  Luckily my LOTRO characters are all on the down low so far.

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