Sunday, September 27, 2015

GW2 Alting: The Elementalist

Since my Warrior is sort of stuck at level 22, and I can't seem to make myself work with her, I tried the Elementalist this week.

She's all glamour with golden hair and a leather and gold lame tutu outfit.  I'm just noticing that the gem on her head looks just like the eye on Davros' forehead in last night's Doctor Who.  Eerie!

I've just started with her, but she has flame type moves that are impressive.  I am not familiar with this class from other games so it is all new for me. 

She resides in a new area of the world that isn't snow covered (huge bonus as winter doth approach).  Let's see if I like the way she plays better than I do the warrior.

Since we're talking alts, I have 5 slots to work with and have only used four so far.  Ta da.

If she doesn't work out, I may go back to the Ranger, which Inventory Full made sound really excellent 


  1. Elementalist is my only level 80 in GW2. It's the class I'm most familiar with and enjoy playing mine a lot!

  2. Interesting! Do you feel she is a Mage sort of character?

  3. ...I haven't played her enough to have a feel for the class :)


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