Friday, August 7, 2015

Star Wars Galaxies Quest: Rigged Race?

A Friday freebie from an old notebook of mine.  Later in the game you could write and sell quests to other players.  My long time secret ambition to do quest writing produced a fair few quests that I sold cheap and which had pretty nice rewards.  I fancied calling my "agency" which gave out quests Lost Souls Inc.  You filled out a form to create the quest which is why it is formatted as it is.

Rigged Race

My name is Rat Ratsby, an operative with Lost Souls Inc.  I hear you're looking for adventure and some credits to fill your pockets.

Here's the deal: we think that the Mos Espa race course has been "tampered with".  Someone is herding dangerous beasts into the raceway to change the outcome of races there.
Go to Mos Espa, talk to the Race Droid, and run that race as fast as you can.  If there are "interruptions" in the course, we need to know about it right away.  Report back to me when you've completed the track.

Race the Mos Espa Track
Return to Rat with your report.
Rewards:  2800 xp, 3000 credits

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