Saturday, August 1, 2015

Star Wars Galaxies: Paper Armor Crumples And You Die

I decided to try out my new Mabari Armor on level 42 Eopies, which I can usually handle with ease, unbuffed.  I like them because they don't pack up, they give decent xp and they give up a nice quantity of hide, bone or meat.

I'm glad I cloned on a previous hunting trip because Eopies laugh at pretty paper armor.

Off shopping I went.  I thought at first just to replace the chest piece with another bit of Ubese, but 80% kinetic for that ranged 48k-80k+     I don't have that rattling around in my pockets.  So, scroll, scroll through the bazaar and I found the maker of my original armor selling a chest piece at 73% for a mere 5k.  This is probably what my freebie set cost, so I know longer feel guilty for taking it.

Yay the seller was on Tatooine.  At a city called The Imperial Outpost.  The city is really well layed out.  I have not done a single Rebel mission, but the Rebellion burneth deep within my characters.  They're just that way.  Somehow, all of those AT-ST's made me feel as if I would suddenly be unmasked as The Enemy and a wild rain of fire would come my way.  Such a guilty little personality I have.

It didn't get better inside, because though well decorated, I felt like I was in a minefield.  I could hear Sean Connery saying "goose stepping morons..."  Gotta get over it, la la la.


  1. I love Imperial neatness and order because it's easier to find things (that's one of the best Ubese shops on the server and where I got the stuff I passed on to you - that was me and to you, right? Or maybe not).

    But they're Gimperials. I mean, come ON. REBEL FOR LIFE. I slapped a stormtrooper the second I got back on after the recent update that enabled them incapping and fining you for doing it. :D

    1. Yes, this is my armor from you. It has lasted a long while! I didn't want to toss your name around so I thought the clever "code word" TSC would be good :) I bought a new set.
      I do believe the Galactic Civil War is gaining some traction, for the first time since I have played. There have been skirmishes on the streets of Coronet, and the Rebellion, vastly outnumbered but properly scrappy won the day recently in a server wide event.
      While people eagerly wait for Jedi and Space to be added to the game, I think that engaging in the GCW can provide lots of excitement.
      Another note on Imperials and the BOO factor, is, I think I'm recalling times when my crafting characters would be driving along and hit mines near Imperial cities, and they'd get a TEF or its equivalent, making them potential dead meat. I really do get immersed in my virtual worlds.


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