Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Feedly and Blaugust

At the suggestion of noone in particular I tried Feedly again.  Slick as anything.  I just had to pay attention because they kept suddenly sticking things in "uncategorized" or "mmo" and I was compelled to go back and drag blogs into the Gaming category.  As I'm reading along I can't help intoning Feedly in honor of The Little Shop of Horrors.

My entire blogroll is now on Feedly and all of the Blaugusters are there for easy updates.

I read through every blog on the Blaugust list and was impressed by the many distinctive voices.  Varied writing styles and topics, including one which made me cry, are a great find. Reading about games pleases me, even if I don't play the particular title.   I saw just one Vlog, but the guy has style.


  1. Super impressed you manage to keep up with all those blogs, especially with Blaugust going on!

    I'm using Bloglovin' myself (like the format and overview it gives), but somehow I'm not able to add every blog I want. Still not sure if it's the fault of the service or if I'm just missing something. Especially gaming blogs are hard - not many people use Bloglovin' in that niche.

  2. I had tried Feedly when Google Reader first went under, and could not quite figure it out. I'm a fast reader, not a speed reader by any means, but I think it helps that most posts are short and they contain pictures!


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