Thursday, July 2, 2015

World of Warcraft Shipyard, Yo Ho

I couldn't resist the Shipyard any longer, so I logged in to see how involved it might be.  This was my first log in since the 6.2 Patch. 

New is the "Adventure Guide" which suggests things you might do.  In my case it sent me back to my Garrison to see the King and Exarch Yrel. I just love that character. How far she has come from that cave where we first met.

If you've been away for awhile, this is a good way to bring new content to the player's attention.  The current festival/holdiay is featured which is handy.

Rather than having Dungeons and Raids Tabs, it would be nice to have tabs for quests you haven't completed, Achievements you can work on.  Grouped by continent, ideally.   Mounts and pets you have not collected yet.  Perhaps Dungeons and Raids you haven't done yet.  Guiding you to what content still awaits you all in one tidy spot would be very useful.

My illustrious guests send me to The Iron Docks to find a shipwright.

Since my character is a Druid, I mostly slunk through the docks, avoiding the elites and fighting the workers only when I had to. 

Things happen fast in these places, but I'm feeling bad as I'm thinking of the area that there was this dead player laying around and I am not in tune enough with this character right now to have thought to rez the poor guy.  Oops, sorry man.

Once back home with my gnarly shipwright, I had to ride way around to Eventide Landing...the place where you first enter Draenor proper, instead of there being some convenient little road down to the sea right inside my garrison.

It turned out alright.  I hoped the whole thing wouldn't be an interface like the Followers where I didn't get to be actually in my shipyard admiring my ships.  No problem, the Shipyard is a pretty large area, and very cool looking.

Also, very important, once my ship was built by my nice little dock workers, I could go on the ship (but not inside that I saw...very important for when I get my Submarine).

I was whisked off to the Tanaan Jungle and I'm excited about that.

I haven't been reading anyone's posts or guides because I wanted to be surprised by each new shiny thing.  Off we go!

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