Friday, July 3, 2015

World of Warcraft: Shipyard Missions Destroyer Destroyed!

Yikes.  I tossed my shiny new Destroyer at a mission and poof! The mission failed and it was gone!  That was a surprise.  They did warn of it, but I was cocky.  And 86% chance of success seems pretty good, right?

I toss my Followers at missions frequently where they have a low probability of success just to get the Base xp.  Nothing bad ever happens to them.

Here, if you fail down goes your ship.  At the beginning level where you haven't upgraded it in any way, it isn't too tragic, but yikes, if you've got your ship all nicely decked out, and bammo!  That's gonna hurt.

The map interface for naval battles is pretty crude.  Just a brown blobby continent with an anchor purporting to be your ship hanging somewhere near the "coast".   I've never played any games with ships and naval battles, so I don't know what is typical.  I think this could be a bit more imaginatively done.  Immersion, we're talking.

It is a bit putzy to have to run back and forth between the quest giver and the shipwright, but I can see why they've done it.  You get to watch your ship being built next to the shipwright and that requires a big space to show it being built.  Seeing the new ships built has all of the excitement for me that I had seeing what a new building in my Garrison looked like.  A Ta-Da! moment.

The Destroyer looks like the ship you can take to Northrend.  For some disappointing reason it is docked across the bay so I can't climb aboard (not that I swam over and tried to get on board).  Hmmpf!

I'm enjoying the Shipyard, despite these small bits that could be improved.  I'm logging in again, and am having fun, which is always the desire.


  1. The ships have a (fairly decent) chance to survive, even if the mission fails. And the interface is at least more "immersive" than the followermission one, this time we can see on a map where they go :-) Its still about as basic as it gets.

  2. Just after I wrote that, I sent my ships on a mission that had only a 60% chance of success! Argh! I wanted to "break the blockade" as I had been tasked to do. Perhaps one of the other missions would have given me something I could use to give me a better chance.

  3. Success! No ships were blown to smithereens this time around. I sent my Destroyer out alone on a lighter mission for xp before going after the last part of the blockade.


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