Sunday, July 26, 2015

This Week in the Galaxy

Life continues apace in Emuland (I've always wanted to use that phrase).  My Alt-itis has never been so happy as it is here, working on the many variations of crafting, fighting and exploring available in Galaxies.

When I first played, I felt a need to "get back to where I was" when I left the game.  It isn't the same as being away from a game for awhile and you can just fire up your character. No. You must re-create them from scratch.  How easy it is to forget the time it takes to level, and the vast amount of materials for any crafting person is staggering.  Try working every craft profession in the game, and you drop to a snail's pace.

I do always try to work every craft available in games I play.  Creating fun and useful things for others in games is rewarding, just as it is in the real world. I can think of no game where you can make items for others which can be real game changers for them.  The potential quality of what you can make is a dizzying combination of Skill, Crafting Tools, Foods that will boost experimentation chances, and the ever rolling quality of Resources in the game world.

Novice Doctor

I'd rather be getting Medical XP by healing a person in the field, but I have to admit I'm grateful for the "Action Burners" in the Med Centers who wiggle and jiggle endlessly so you can get xp healing their Action Bar.  I managed to get Novice Doctor one evening this way.

I needed a break from it though, so I'm working to get the resources for Advanced Medicine Components.  These are very specific, such as Lokian Wild Wheat or Talusian Water.   In order to make decent ones, you need particular statistics.  You're at the mercy of resource spawns and the quality of the spawns though, so you just need to place harvesters on whatever is there so you can get started.  You need money to buy harvesters, power and more money to run them.

On a normal Galaxy, I would just buy some of the resources from other players.  On Basilisk, I find that resources are sold in large quantities and for loads of credits, say 100000 units for 300000, even with poor stats.  Anything used by a Doctor, Armorsmith or Weaponsmith seems to be priced particularly high, because players in those professions are all feelthy rich.  Not me!  Not anyone new or returning trying to get a start.

I'd like to move this character forward, because I'm finding even her crummy Stimpacks are useful to my other characters, and my husband's characters.  It seems that since Publish 7, there have been fewer Doctors available for buffs, and though I'll never be a Buffbot, I can surely step in and send people out better prepared for the dangers of the Galaxy.

Better meds, better doc.

Scripted Death Guild

I placed a Guild Hall near my Corellia Merchant Tent, and created a Guild Scripted Death.  It is pretty cute to see my dignified character Elsinor Dustbunnie with the word DEATH after her name.  Poor Dustbunnie.  I am not ready to recruit, since I haven't the masteries I'd like to be able to offer people, but I just wanted to snare the name, and I couldn't believe nobody had used Death as the five letter shortened Guild name for display.

I'm not planning to take over the Galaxy or anything, but I'd like to offer new and returning players a place to get started in the game.  Give them advice, training, some basics of their profession to get started.

As subtle background, I've been talking in GenChat, which is sometimes good, sometimes grotesque.  I'm reading the forums and trying to get a good sense of who is who, what cities and guilds are out there, who the good crafters are.

My longer term plan is to find a core of maybe five people who have the same goals and who can recruit and help players along.  Slow and steady wins the race.   I am The Tortoise.

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