Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Star Wars Galaxies: The Crafting Game

Since I'm trying craft everything, I finally made two sets of Mabari Armor.  I'm pretty sure it has all the protection qualities of Saran Wrap, but you can make it in varying colors and it is sort of a pretty piece of work.

I tried to match my spouse's scale colors but didn't realize he is shaded rather blue.  I'll match him up better next time.  He is so cute.

The hat looks good on him, but not on my own character.  Everything looks good on a Trandoshan....

Hmm Black and Red might not be my colors, but it is a nice cosmetic replacement for my Gunman's Duster.

I like the semi-skirt.  Nice detailing.  Unlike my husband's character, the head piece makes me look like a goof who would steal lunchboxes.  So, hatless!

My Ubese chest piece given to me by TSC went by the wayside, finally, so I thought to make just that piece.  I couldn't resist doing the whole set once I started.   I have some good resources at hand, but no real skill (Novice Armorsmith, rofl) and not a single piece of metal with higher than 744 OQ.  One point to experiment with.  Busted doggie, but you just have to start somewhere or you never get anywhere.

My Dustbunnie is a Master Artisan, and I had some nice copper, so I looked in my old notebooks for the name of my briskly selling Live game fishing poles.  Voila, now available, Starlight EZCast Assassin,  a superior fishing pole. I also have all the bait you'll need.

As part of my long term goals to make and offer for sale everything my characters can make, I started doing some crates of Scout/Ranger Traps.  I "brand" everything "Starlight" because a brand is a good thing sometimes, and because it was what my last set of crafters used in Galaxies in their shops.  They live again in spirit and brand name.

I got to this one, The Starlight Stink Bomb and had an attack of the sillies and had to stop.  I also need more bone, even for small factory runs.

How I do love the crafting in this game.

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