Monday, June 29, 2015

This Week in the Galaxy

Posting with ease from Firefox...tsk on IE and Google, tsk.

I've been pushing to advance my Ranger/Rifles person the cheep and ez way, just taking missions on Naboo that I can do without buffs.  10k for buffs is a lot, and blah blah I know they take 5k but...

I'm trying to camp after each lair, crafting some new traps, admiring the scenery, getting my bike out without the 15 second wait.  The camp xp is rolling in, man. (Not).  If I were buffed, I'd feel the timer ticking on those and wouldn't feel as if I could take my time, scoot scoot to the next lair.  I notice in General chat they say 15 minutes in a camp gives you the max, but I'm too twitchy to sit and wait it out. I suppose I could crochet or read a book.  I'd rather do that on my comfy couch though.

Without actual levels in the game, I like to see what I can handle mission level wise without the buffs.  I can comfortably do 36-38s and I did some humbabas tonight that were 40, but they made me run for it and incapped me a couple of times.

I hadn't planned to use a Merchant Tent, but suddenly I have one up.  I've had a few customers, including someone who paid 75k for a Trandoshan Poster.  I felt guilty pricing it like that, but there were only a few for sale in the Galaxy and they were like 400k. Cheep.

A new load of Dustbunnie Exploders Detonator Series (Swoop Bikes) is out, 2418 HP, very smooth running!  Everyone should pack a few.

I'm noticing Elite Profession Trainer Locations are erroneous on various sites, so I'm making a list from my Prima Guide and will post it when ready.

Ah, my first real box of Architect furnishings!  I am so familiar with the furniture that can be made and love many pieces so much.  I wanted to shout out Happiness Is Making Furniture!  Reserved individual that I am, I held it in.

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