Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Server Down

Basilisk, you heartbreaking doggie.  Down again.  Just when my architect was about to make her Big Move and go out and scrape up the Ore she needs to succeed.

In live server days, after World of Warcraft came out, there was much hostility towards "Wow Kiddies" who logged into Galaxies whenever Wow was down.

I think of that now when Basilisk is down and I go log into Wow.  A little Darkmoon Faire last week.  A treasure map for Nagrand today from my "Followers".  Off to Nagrand again to finish up the achievements there.

I still love my Garrison. But I'd like to make it public. I'd like Vendors!  I would like to decorate the place to please myself.  I'd like some furniture and rugs for my room in the city hall.

I spent a bit of time this week (during another outage) in the Wailing Caves in EQ2's Commonlands.  I have a quest to gather several things in the caves.  This time I didn't go beyond the spike traps, but it has to be that what I need is there just beyond.

I keep thinking of my Secret World girl in front of that Illuminati door. 

Warehouse 13 Mall outside of Mos Espa, Tatooine

I would slip into Rift but they have that annoying Coin Lock thing if you don't log in all of the time.

You're thinking I should slip my Guild Wars 2 girl over the border into the next area and see what's out there.


Maybe the server is back up.

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