Saturday, June 13, 2015

If You Can't Play, Write

There I was, smoothly handling a Kaadu lair when things went very wrong. Poof.  Logged and can't get back into the Basilisk Emuland Server :(    I guess if I can't play, I can jot down a few notes here.

Much of my playtime has been keeping homes, factories and harvesters running.   I've also figured out (mostly) how to do the crafting macro that lets you go click click click to select resources then the magic macro makes an item for you and your xp bar slinks ever so slowly up.

My intended Ranger character has been avoiding the macro needed to fill the last two boxes of Scout, because macroing camps is boring (though they're handy to actually use).  Today, I finally went Lesser Boll hunting on Dantooine to get enough Bone for 30000 points of xp (59 xp for each macroed camp..zzzzz....)

Once I had Scouting finished, I had so much general Scouting and Trapping Xp built up (that I couldn't use till I got Master Scout) that I could train Novice Ranger right off with a box of Ranger level Trapping (I love a good trap) also filled in.  As you can see I'm close to yet another box, just need to go plink plink plink a few times.

I'm so glad to finally make progress.  I vow not to let any of the skill boxes here go unfilled till the last.  I shall methodically level them up.

My Merchant character Elsinor Dustbunnie finally macroed her way to Master Artisan.   I had the materials to make a run of Swoop Bikes which I thought would be pretty good because my materials were good. I used the best crafting tools available and bought the highest level Crafting Station I could buy.

Ta da!  A factory run of Dustbunnie Exploder Inferno Series 2390 HP  (A long name, I know) were produced and they sold briskly on the bazaar.  I only got a crate of 25.  I think in order to do a full run I needed 640000 Steel or Iron and 120000 Aluminum or Copper with the highest Shock Resistance I could get.  I certainly did not have that amount of material and my metals had a shock resistance in the 800s so...thus the name "Exploders".

She will also be able to craft a variety of components usable by other professions including Architect and Droid Engineer.  I have not made the Paint Kits for vehicles yet because I haven't all the materials, but those are fun as well.  Thanks to The Corpse for making those GP Electronics modules for me before I could!  I won't have to bug her anymore :)

My Novice Architect filled a lower level box and I took something other than furnishings, which is what I really love.  I can make the infamous Gungan Head Statues which are worth 3000 xp each. However, they take a boatload of Ore and Gemstone and hmmpf I have neither in quantity.
I can make Merchant Tents, which are always a good seller.  I grumpily have to buy some subcomponents from a Tailor because my own is two torturous boxes from being able to make those for me.  And I have no Fiberplast or Inert Petro to grind with.

I'm picking up some really nice Fiberplast on Naboo, but it is too good to grind with.  I can't resist the nice material spawns but I can't make myself grind with them. 

A hunting I do go.

Star Wars Galaxies is in fact a perfect game (at the stage of its life being emulated).

 There are just a few things from current MMOs that I wish it had.

A hearthstone.  Where ever you go in the world, you have to make your way back along the ground (no whining about flight here!) to a Starport or Shuttleport that can transport you across the planet or the Galaxy.  Sometimes you just want to go poof and you're home.

The ability to send money and items via the mail system.  I do appreciate that there are no mailboxes however. You can get and send your mail from anywhere anytime.

I can think of nothing else. Not bad.  Hope the servers are back up and my Kaadu are still there.


  1. Bah! I clear a couple of hours to maybe get a buff and run some missions and BAM server kaput! :D

  2. #)(*@)(*#)@(* and again! I got all my morning chores done, get ready to log in for a nice Sunday play-session, and BOOM, server down.



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