Saturday, June 20, 2015

A Peek at Pillars of Eternity

I chose a dwarf character, and the usual fighter type until I figure things out.  Such as taking screenshots. (F12)

I killed everything that came at me in the opening chapter but I really could use some combat tips. 

The Autopause that pauses the game I found pretty annoying, and really had to dig to get rid of it.

My Companion did nothing, and wouldn't stay near me.  I tried taking control of her and getting her over by me.  She became an odd little floating head moving through the landscape, came over but still didn't fight.

I'm wondering if I need to set up my "Formation" so she is a bit more helpful.

A couple of guys didn't get looted because I was busy fighting with others, then the story flipped me to a new location.  Lost loot is a sad thing.

The story itself and its presentation is very enjoyable.  It feels like a great adventure already.

zzzzzz    on that wrong title  late night.....  Nothing to see here....


  1. You have to manually control each character (companions are not as such treated differently than your mainchar, except storywise). Select her to give her commands aas you would your own char. And get used to the pause unless you are playing at rather low difficulty. Controlling all of your party without pausing to give commands is hard with a full party.

    Its a different style of controlscheme than most new crpgs, and I imagine if you never played baldurs gate, it might take some getting used to.


    Shandren out

    1. I'll just fire up Baldur's Gate, for which I have the handy manual and all of the tricks of combat and interface will be simpler. Good thought!


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