Friday, May 15, 2015

Galactic Diary


Architect To Be

Working towards Novice Architect.  At Artisan Engineer Four I can make all of the small harvesters, though they are crummy.  I can't recall the Maximum Base Extraction Rate for smalls, but lolmeister, mine aren't anywhere near.  I have Wind Harvesters down and even though it is slow going, I can now power my other harvesters with what I have coming in.  Wind isn't efficient, but it is cheap.  I even put some out for sale, but no bites so far.  I'm considering putting out a few of my Crum Bum Harvesters (and I could call them that) but I am going to label them for sale as Better Than Your Knee Harvesters.  Marketing genius!


I am finding exactly the same situation for my neo-medic as I found on live. The med centers are full of Master Doctors and Novice Doctors so finding anyone to heal there is a bust. 

If I go out with my sweet Ithorian, then I get xp galore.  He wants to be on Lok and Dathomir, and though he is concentrating on a single character and his fighting skill are superior to my Unarmed 3...

Here's a tip: Snakes are bad. Aggressive. Grouped. They Poison.

I put my best Stim Bs on the Bazaar and three sold! Wheeeee.

Tailor Wannabe

Working the Novice Tailor skill box.  I have gained a bit more of a color palette but it is still pretty washed out colors and dominated by brown shades....zzzzzz

I put a few things on the bazaar and a jacket sold, stop the presses!  I'm seeing lots of Ithorians around so I'll make a bunch of that and whatever else I can do and let's see if anything goes. 

My spouse, who is waiting for me to be able to make him a hat, let me know he needed new clothes.
He had been working Entertainer to be able to fix his mind out in the wilds in a camp.  He had unequipped his back pack so he's look super good while playing. When he went to put his things back on he noticed they were zero condition.  He said he was in his white underwear and he "hid in a crevice" then made his way out to our abode to get new clothes.

I was making Fiberplast Panels individually but soon couldn't take it. I looked on the bazaar to see if I could just buy a crate to get me started. 10000 credits for a crate. Are my eyes falling out?  I used to sell them for 2500 a crate.  In desperation I looked to see what Factories cost.  Some kind soul outside Kaadara, Naboo had them for 15k.  I did Moenia to Theed Shuttle A Artisan Missions till I had the money then My Precious I brought it home and set it down.  This morning I have crates and crates of lovely Fiberplast Panels.  In went a load of Metal Fasteners.  Ahhh, bliss.


Just need the Exploration and Survival trees in Scouting.  I've made Mos Entha my base of operations because it is the only starter city that actually has creatures around it.  I recalled from my early Ranger days on Live that it was a good place to hunt from and yes, it is. 

I have yet to connect with folks from the Donkey Business Community who are Streaming the Game and working on finding a Player Association/City to Join.  I'm not sure if we are in different time zones or what. 

In the meantime, I have homes on three planets (Corellia, Tatooine, Naboo) that are bases for my characters to drop off and pick up resources.  I'm going to choose one of those locations as a shop location and am leaning towards Naboo because the Medium Naboo House is so cool as a shop.  And comparatively affordable, but not yet for me.  Still, gotta have goals.

I love this game. Nothing like it anywhere.  Big hugs to the Emu people who have made it available.


  1. I like reading these :) Annoying we have not yet met up but I think it has a lot to do with the amount of alts we all have, and keeping track of all the names on all the characters is a struggle :D TeamSpeak is the best way to make sure one knows if someone is online, but I perfectly understand if that may be impractical or undesirable for some.
    As of today we are joining SWG-U, more info on that on the website in a bit. That's not to say you HAVE to join, or have all chars in that guild, they are pretty lax about it. But they are the ones we been hangin with, and they are very nice and helpfull people. Also, they have a Nice town (Metropol) on Lok, that should make your Ithorian happy :D (also with craft stations etc free to use for members inside the mall to be) I'm gonna set up my shack there today

    1. Hello, there! I did get Teamspeak working and talked to a guy one day to verify that it all worked. I don't know about you, but I have a lot of stuff plugged into my usb ports so I don't tend to leave the headset in when not in use. Perhaps the guild will help connect everyone. I'll see if they would take my scout and medic who would be best in groups. I think Mr Ithorian might enjoy having others to group with and level up his guy. I think he is working towards his former commando profession and he has questions I can't answer :)


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