Saturday, April 18, 2015

I'm In A Galaxy Far Far Away

Here's how I hope to look again someday, but agh I have that ratty hair cut, side-part and am running around in a Scout Outfit.  Had to buy a cheeso rifle at the bazaar.

I couldn't recall how to do screenshots so I have none.

The game does look and sound the same.

Had trouble finding Vynocks and low level creatures outside of Coronet.  Lots of people there hunting too though.

I am awful at combat.

The movement made me queasy after awhile.  How I do love WASD.

People seemed nice.  Some poor guy Bowed to me at the shuttleport and I was so pleased to respond with /airguitar.....He was not amused.

Prices seem high on the bazaar when you have two credits to press together.  I went to Theed to do my old delivery missions between Theed and Deja Peak for some quick money but 500 credits to fly to Theed from Coronet, yow.  Made over 2000 credits easily enough, but I obviously had a nice speeder bike back in the day because I got lost in Deja and couldn't find the shuttle again. Tromp tromp tromp. 

Hoping there are Chubas outside Theed for next time.  Bone and Meat for camps is pricey.

Thanks to Stylish Corpse for bringing me back to this world.

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