Sunday, April 19, 2015

Galaxies Notes

Report from the Galaxy not so far away, Day 2.

Dug out My Galaxies Prima Guide (pretty useful) and all my notes (which I still have). 

Found how to move my toolbar down to the bottom of the screen where I expect it to be.  Arranged skills on bar.   I am so used to graphical interfaces that it will take me a bit to get used to the symbols.

Having a lot of trouble with wanting to jam on my keys in combat and having the game say my command is ignored because I have something in the queue already.

Getting used to the "Con" system which tells me my chances of defeating a mob.  However, this reveals that there is not a single "green" or "blue" mob anywhere. Everything is RED.  According to the tooltip when you Consider "red" is instant death.  So, where are these?  I tried looking at the Mission terminals thinking I could find something my level but clearly everything is over my head.

My beloved spouse made it in game and I was excited to go out in front of Coronet with him to show a Meatlump Fool who is the boss...but while we did get it, it wasn't easy. 

My husband had the same frustrations today that I had yesterday.  Couldn't figure out how to do anything at all, so we'll just take it slow.

I wonder if I should temporarily take Medic so I can heal in my camp. Hopefully for more camp xp.

You get a beginner vehicle, right?  I took mine out yesterday and didn't recall how to store it.  Gone. So today, after running my delivery missions I had enough money to buy a bike.  After happily speeding around Theed on it for a bit, I'm all over the radial menus now and I stored it.  Gone.  4500 credits poof?  Shouldn't it be in my inventory?  Massively bummed.

!!!!! Found my Screenshots!  Just Print Screen and they go in the Emu Folder.  Yo Ho!

So, a few of the Character Creation Screens, then a couple getting the flavor of Coronet, then a shot of some guy with a flaming bike (flaming bikes everywhere!)

I was so impressed by the Galaxies Character Creation system, after having created so many characters elsewhere, it is still one of the best.  Add the ability to get even more choices with Image Design, whoa. 

Behind me is my freebie vehicle which has poofed.
I was surprised at how many actively Imperial players were strolling through the spaceport, I suppose that's why these guys were called in.
Tons of new Artisans were kneeling all over sampling resources. High humor.  I miss chat bubbles.

Nothing like traveling the planets fantastic.

Note the poor guy with his smoking bike. There were like ten smoking, flaming bikes parked in front of the Theed Cantina. Boom!


  1. Check your datapad - the vehicles will be in there somewhere! Apparently storing them causes more damage to them than just hopping off them and leaving them out when you're doing missions / in the cantina / being healed / taking a leak -- which I didn't want to believe but it does seem to be true.

    Also: drag your vehicle from the datapad to an action button and HUZZAH!

    Last but not least, you might want to dig into the Options : Controls section and click the Keymap button. This will let you select different types of keymaps - I'm using the MMO (EQ style) version with is primarily non-reticle and uses our beloved key commands for inventory and whatnot. Worth a look.

    Old-newbishness has been both frustrating and weirdly enjoyable. SWG wasn't an easy game to get used to and still isn't, heh. And sadly most cities don't seem to have as massive a spawn of low-level critters that the live servers had.

  2. Thanks on the Datapad for my vehicles. I was really sad about the bike. I wonder what vehicle garage repair prices are like.
    I will look at those other control options. I don't mind the reticule but am not a function key user so that is taking some getting used to. Have remastered Waypoints, which is something sorely missed. My husband read your note and he must have looked at alternate controls because I hear gunfire coming from the other room. Cheers!

  3. Garage prices are ludicrous :( It's actually cheaper to buy a 5k swoop and let it die from neglect than spend 3k credits repairing 20% damage (only slight hyperbole).


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